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The Minister of Economy and Finance, Waldo Mendoza, announced that the interim government has already unlocked the Majes Siguas irrigation project located in Arequipa, and in the second half of this year operations in favor of agriculture should begin.

Peru's economic recovery is the highest in the region.

Foreign direct investment, which dropped by 35% in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will grow between 10% and 15% this year; however, it is not expected that the levels prior to the health crisis will be reached until 2022, specifies a United Nations report.

A total of 921 investment megaprojects estimated at US$ 155,137 million were identified by the Institute of Economics and Business Development (IEDEP, for its acronym in Spanish) of the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL, for its acronym in Spanish), which would be executed in different macro-regions of the country between 2021 and 2026. These initiatives will contribute to sustained economic growth and will be essential to bridge the regional infrastructure gap, it specified.

The uncertainty currently existing in the country caused by the elections that have not yet ended may end up affecting the economy in the short term, especially private investment, since the specific measures to be taken as of July 28 are not known.

PROINVERSION and the MTC organized the webinar "Peru: attractive investment opportunity in AWS-3 and 2.3 GHz Radio Spectrum Bands", in order to attract investors to provide telecommunications services, which will improve connectivity between Peruvians and enhance our competitiveness.

PROINVERSIÓN awarded CELEO REDES, S.L.U. the 138 kV Puerto Maldonado - Iberia Transmission Line and the 220/60/22.9 kV Valle del Chira Substation projects, which will enable to efficiently and qualitatively meet the growing demand for electric power in the departments of Madre de Dios and Piura.

The new High Performance Schools (COAR) in Pasco, Huancavelica and Cusco will allow 900 students in the last three years of secondary level education, with outstanding abilities, to develop their academic and personal potential and become leaders who contribute to local, regional and national development.

This year it is expected to award two electricity transmission projects with a joint investment of more than US $ 220 million (excluding VAT) for the benefit of the north and east of Peru.

Stakeholders demonstrated compliance with technical experiences of construction, operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants.


The Private Investment Promotion Agency (PROINVERSIÓN) has been awarded five (5) international prizes this year in recognition of its efforts to improve the efficiency and quality of its processes and projects, as well as the importance of Peru as an investment destination for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and Asset-Based Projects.


Best FDI Promotion Team Latin America 2018


Premios Europeos de Negocios y Finanzas Globales 2018


Most Attractive Destination for International Investment 2018


Sistema de Tratamiento de las Aguas Residuales de la Cuenca del Lago Titicaca


Programa Regional de Asesoramiento para Inversiones en APP en Salud