Personnel hiring


Work Contract

It has a trial term of 3 months, at the end of this term; the worker has the right to have the protection against arbitrary dismissal.

Work day

8 hours a day or 48 hours a week, maximum.


30 calendar days for each complete year of services. .


2 salaries per year (National holidays and Christmas)

Social Security

Equal to 9% of the remuneration or income. It is the responsibility of the employer to declare and pay them.

National Pension System (SNP) /Private Pension System (SPP)

The rate of the SNP is 13%. The rate of the SPP fluctuates between 13% and 15%, according to the chosen AFP. 

Family Allocation

10% of the ongoing Minimum Vital Remuneration in the opportunity that corresponds to receive the benefit.

Compensation for the Time of Services (CTS)

It is the 1/12 of the remuneration for each complete calendar month of services. The fraction is compensated by 1/30.

Workers participation in the Profits

The percentages fluctuate between 10%, 8% and 5%, according to the economic activity. The companies that do not exceed 20 workers are excluded.

Maternity leave

45 days of prenatal rest and 45 days of postnatal rest.

Night Shift

A surcharge of 35% of the valid monthly minimum remuneration shall be added as minimum. The night shift is between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Arbitrary Dismissal

The compensation is equal to 1 1/2 of the monthly remuneration for each complete year of services with a maximum of 12 remunerations. The fractions of year are paid by 1/12 and 1/30, as applicable.


The minimum retirement age is 65 years and the obligatory retirement and automatic age is 70 years.






Applicable Regime

The regime of the private activity.

Rights and benefits

Not less than the recognized to the local workers.


May not exceed the 30% of the total of payroll.

Limiting Percentages

20% of the total number of workers.

Foreigners excluded from the limiting percentage

The partner, ascending or descending or Peruvian brothers, the individual with immigrant visa, where there is a reciprocity agreement with the country of origin. Also, it excludes the personnel from foreign companies that are dedicated to the international transportation services, whether it is via ground, air or maritime with a foreign flag and registration, the foreign personnel that Works in multinational services companies or banks, with special regulations for this aspect for the foreign investor, provided that is maintains an investment amount not less than 5 UIT (*) during the validity of his contract.

Exoneration of the limiting percentages

It applies to the professional, specialized technical personnel, management personnel of a new business activity or in case of a business admonition. The excluded personnel is considered as local for the calculation of the limiting percentages.

Term of Work Contract

The term is determined by a maximum of 3 years extendable by terms no longer than 3 years.

Contract approval

Once subscribed, the contract shall be approved by the Ministry of Labor and Work Promotion.

Migratory Quality The National Superintendence of Migrations shall deliver the Migratory Capability and Visas, as applicable.
(*) The UIT (Taxable Unit) valid for the year 2021 is S/. 4400