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17 abril 23

The hospitals will be awarded with an investment of more than US$ 320 million.

04 abril 23

AMSAC and Rio Tinto, with the intervention of PROINVERSIÓN, signed an addendum that allows the continuity of the mining project.

13 marzo 23

The Private Investment Promotion Agency (PROINVERSIÓN) announced that in 2023 it will award 10 electricity projects for more than US$ 1,100 million to support the country's economic growth. These projects will benefit 10 million people in 10 departments in its area of influence.

07 marzo 23

In the last 20 years, eight (08) port terminals have been awarded through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), improving their efficiency and contributing to the upturn of exports.

03 marzo 23

A second project promoted by the entity -in this case by Works for Taxes- is the COAR of Cajamarca, worth more than S/ 79 million, which will benefit basic education students with outstanding abilities.