Lima, July 18, 2023.- In addition, it allocates S/ 90.8 million to the purchase of 43 modular bridges to face climate impacts

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) will allocate S/ 90.8 million to purchase 43 modular bridges and will invest S/ 118 million in the purchase of 125 heavy machinery to deal with road emergencies throughout the national territory in the face of possible effects of the El Niño phenomenon.

The investment is carried out within the framework of Emergency Decree No. 011-2023, which envisages preventive actions against the possible effects of the El Niño phenomenon, the MTC said in a press release.

The MTC has planned a series of actions to address the possible effects of the El Niño phenomenon and, within this framework, plans to acquire 6 modular bridges and 5 heavy machinery for the Lambayeque region.


“We will improve the operational capacity to liberate roads or rehabilitate them in the face of the possible impacts of El Niño and, thus, guarantee the vehicular traffic,” said Ismael Sutta, Deputy Minister of Transport at a working group held today in Chiclayo to analyze the preventive actions of the sector.

“We have an important agenda for the coming months; we have an intervention plan in progress,” the official added.

At the meeting, in the auditorium of the Regional Government of Lambayeque, the Deputy Minister also informed that, after delegation of powers to the sector by the municipalities, it is planned to intervene in six bridges that are part of neighborhood roads, with an investment of S/ 6.1 million.

In addition, 21 sectors of the Mocce-Olmos road are rehabilitated and drainage improvement work is planned in the evacuation area of Chiclayo airport.

Attention for 104 emergencies

Meanwhile, for the Olmos-Piura concession route it is proposed to build a sewer battery in the Querpon speed bump. And for the route of the Autopista del Sol in Lambayeque has been scheduled the cleaning of channels and protection of slopes of the Chaman, Ucupe and Motupe I bridges.

In Lambayeque, 104 emergencies were attended with on the national road network and the non-concessional network. In this way, roads were cleared after landslides and roads affected by heavy rains or increased river flows were rehabilitated between March 1 and July 16, 2023.

Source: Andina