Lima, October 14, 2023.- The CADE Ejecutivos 2023 event will be an opportunity for both the public and private sectors to commit to the growth and development of the country following the proposals that will be put forward in this regard.

This was stated by the president of this year's business forum, Juan Fernando Correa, in an interview with Agencia Andina.

CADE Ejecutivos: first day of forum to focus on private investment

"There are many ideas, proposals and actions that we hope that both the public and private sectors will be committed so that they can be implemented and, therefore, we can recover the country's development and growth," he said.

Correa indicated that the problems of the tourism, construction, mining and agriculture sectors will be analyzed in order to set them on the road to recovery.

"We are going to see what is stopping the advancement of tourism, what barriers there are to unlock it. The Deputy Minister of Tourism will be participating in this regard. The same with mining. Today we know that it is a sector that is questioned by some parts of society but that allows us to have a stable economy and a dollar that does not skyrocket. The same with the construction and agriculture sectors," he commented.

"In summary, we will analyze what the obstacles are and what proposals there may be to recover the growth of sectors that we consider very important," he added.

On the other hand, the president of CADE 2023 assured that more companies will be invited to join modalities such as public-private partnerships (PPP) and Works for Taxes (WTI) so that their benefits reach society in a clear and visible way.

"We will even bring a proposal to reduce labor and business informality, to increase integrity and reduce corruption [...] We need to get out of our direct environment, look a little further and understand that we can contribute through mechanisms such as public-private partnerships and works for taxes," he said.

Along these lines, the executive emphasized that growth of over 5% will be necessary for the country to close social gaps and improve the quality of life of Peruvians.

"Whether growth is 0.9% or 1.1% doesn't make a difference. Being below 4% or 5% is already a problem. We need to grow at a rate of 5% to 6%. When we have had that growth rate is when poverty in Peru fell the fastest. We have to recover that, how to achieve it and see an improvement in the quality of life," he said.

Source: Andina