Private: For legal persons entering into concession contracts pursuant to the provisions contained in Supreme Decree No. 059-96-PCM and amendments thereof, which are in the pre-operating stage of the Works.


State-owned: For companies of the Private Law State of the national, regional and local government carrying out public infrastructure works and public services, which are in the pre-operating stage of the Work.

Benefits Such persons shall subscribe an Investment contract for the execution of these works and obtain the Ministerial Resolution that qualifies them to benefit from the Regime.
General Sales Tax (IGV) It consists of refunding the General Sales Tax imposed on the imports and/or local acquisitions of new capital goods, new intermediate goods, and construction services and contracts carried out during the pre-production stage, which will be used by the beneficiaries of the Regime directly for the execution of the work foreseen in the corresponding Investment contract, aimed at the execution of operations not taxed with the General Sales Tax.

Investment commitments for the execution of the project related to the Investment contract cannot be of less than USD 5 million as total investment amount, including the sum of all sections, stages or similar, if any. Such amount shall not include the General Sales Tax.

Finally, by means of Ministerial Resolution of the relevant sector, the approval will be given to the beneficiaries of the regime, as well as to goods, services and construction contracts that will be granted the Tax Refund.

Investment contract Characteristics Contract-law governed by the Civil Code. It is an Accession Contract.
Validity The validity is throughout the duration of the investment commitments set out in the Investment contract.