Managment of Unsolicited Proposals

 DIRECTIVE No. 004-2019-PROINVERSIÓN  (Unsolicited Proposal Management)

Annex Description Format PDF  Format Microsoft Word
1 Confidentiality Protocol PDF
2 Protocol for the Presentation of IP Documentation PDF

Affidavit of Relevant Information of the IP


Project Risk Allocation Proposal

5 Financial Information Cover Letter Template  PDF  MS WORD
6 Related Company Letter Template  PDF  MS WORD
7 Affidavit of Technical Information  PDF  MS WORD
8 Affidavit of expenses incurred in the preparation of the IP  PDF  MS WORD
9 Affidavit of the share percentages held by shareholders or partners  PDF  MS WORD
10 Affidavit of the proponent  PDF  MS WORD
11 Affidavit of not being disqualified from contracting with the State  PDF  MS WORD

Form No. 1: Expression of interest letter template (on the same investment project) 

Form No. 2: Substitute project cover letter template


Form No. 1: Letter of Guarantee Template (interested in the same project)

Form No. 2: Letter of Guarantee Template (interested in substitute project)

14 Minimum requirements for the assessment of an IPA for admission to processing  PDF
15 Minimum requirements for the assessment of an IPC for admission to processing  PDF
16 Assessment of the financial and technical capacity of the proponent of an IPC  PDF