February 14, 2022 - Lima.- The Private Investment Promotion Agency (PROINVERSION) presented additional information on the bidding terms for the "Two New Hospitals of the Social Health Insurance of Peru (EsSalud) projects: Piura and Chimbote” to domestic and foreign investors, as well as to potential new participants,.

The webinar was attended by investors, consultants, diplomatic delegates, law firms, construction companies, among others.

PROINVERSION's Project Portfolio Director, María Susana Morales, highlighted that both projects are attracting the interest of investors from America, Europe, and Asia.  To date, 19 companies have paid the fee to access the tender documents for the EsSalud Hospital in Chimbote (Áncash) and 20 for the EsSalud Hospital in Piura.  These companies have made more than 1,000 comments and questions to the first draft of the concession contract for each process, which are being evaluated and will be incorporated, if applicable, into a second draft of the concession contract. Publication is scheduled for March.

Regarding PPP projects in the health sector, PROINVERSION has five prioritized projects in its portfolio, including four hospitals -two of EsSalud, one of Ministry of Health and one of the Army and a hospital waste management project.

PROINVERSION's Project Director, Nancy Zedano, highlighted the main modifications to the bidding terms, related to the general requirements of experience in concession, operation and construction of sanitary infrastructure for the prequalification of bidders; as well as clarifications in the definitions and procedures for the submission, evaluation and prequalification of Envelope No. 1 (supporting documents) and evaluation of Envelope No. 2 (technical proposal) and evaluation of Envelope No. 3 (economic proposal).

She also pointed out that a second stage of consultations on the bidding terms has been included in the projects´ schedules, with deadline on February 25, and the publication of the intermediate version of the contracts on March 16. 

Zedano informed that those interested in prequalifying as bidders may submit Envelope No. 1 until August 12 of this year, considering that the award of both projects is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022.

The Executive Director of PROINVERSION, Rafael Ugaz, emphasized that both projects will provide important benefits for the insured population of Social Health Insurance of Peru, such as the expansion of access to specialized hospital services, the provision of health services with high quality standards and the reduction of health expenses for families, resulting in the reduction of complex diseases and the increase in life expectancy within the area of influence. 


The Two New Hospitals projects EsSalud, which require an investment of approximately USD 280 million (CAPEX - without VAT), were called for Comprehensive Project Bidding in October 2021 to be awarded and delivered in concession to a private operator specialized in the health sector in charge of the design, financing, construction, acquisition and replacement of the necessary equipment for the operation and maintenance of both hospitals under the Co-Financed Public-Private Partnership (PPP) modality; as well as the provision of general services and support services in gray and green coat modality. 

The concession term is 20 years, three (3) years for the development of definitive engineering studies, construction and implementation of the equipment and 17 years of operation and maintenance. The cost of both projects will be covered by contributions from insured persons, directly benefiting more than 530,000 insured persons in the department of Ancash and more than 1 million 100 thousand in the departments of Piura and Tumbes, who will continue to receive free services.

EsSalud is a decentralized public organization, attached to the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion of Peru.

Its purpose is to provide coverage to the insured and their dependents, through the granting of prevention, promotion, recovery, rehabilitation benefits, economic benefits, and social benefits that correspond to the contributory regime of the Social Security in Health, as well as other human risks insurance.

The bidding terms -which contain the conditions and requirements for participation, the schedule of activities and information on the guarantees to be submitted- and the Initial Versions of the Contracts for both projects are available at the following link: Landing Page Essalud

Fuente: Press Release - PROINVERSION