The Ministry of Production has successfully completed the physical amelioration works on the land where the Ancon Industrial Park Project will be built. This important project represents a new socioeconomic development pole and a productive employment engine in Northern Lima.

The statement was made by the Vice-Minister of MYPE and Industry of the Ministry of Production, Rosa Ana Balcázar, during an event in which the Executive Director of PROINVERSIÓN, Rafael Ugaz, and the Mayor of Ancon, John Barreda, participated.

The Executive Director of PROINVERSIÓN stated that the physical amelioration works conducted on the land were important, since they clearly demonstrate investors that the State is complying with the essential conditions required for this great project to be executed soon. “At the present moment, all the stakeholders taking part in the structuring and transaction processes of the Project, that is PROINVERSIÓN, the Ministry of Production and the Ministry of Economy and Finance, are working hard, with a clear sense of urgency and responsibility, because our country requires so,” emphasized Rafael Ugaz, during his statement.

The Executive Director of PROINVERSIÓN revealed that next month (January) the agency will call for an International Competitive Bidding to award to the contract for the Ancon Industrial Park Project. “Our goal is to draw the attention of large industrial park project developers of the world, so that they invest in Northern Lima, and in the country,” he stated.

The Ancon Industrial Park Project will be the first groundbreaking, modern, technological and sustainable industrial park in the country. It has been structured under the form of Projects in Assets, so as to offer industrial and logistic companies an environment that will allow them to do business.

This project, which requires an investment of around US$ 750 million, will be implemented in three stages. It will create an integrated ecosystem in which small, medium and large-sized companies will take joint efforts and new industrial relations.

It is strategically located between the ports of Chancay and Callao, with privileged access to Jorge Chávez International Airport and an excellent connection to main transport routes, such as the North Pan-American Highway and Néstor Gambetta Avenue.

“According to the portfolio of PROINVERSIÓN, the Ancon Industrial Park Project is one of the projects to be awarded next year (2021). In that year, it is also expected to award the contracts of, at least, eleven Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) projects and Projects in Assets, which amount to more than US$ 2,500 million,” stated the Executive Director of PROINVERSIÓN.