Lima, December 18, 2020.- As part of the activities of the OECD, such as the National Contact Point in Peru, today (December 18) PROINVERSIÓN held a webinar called “OECD Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct and Good Due Diligence Practices in Mining Enterprises,” which aim to promote good business practices in the mining sector in relation to the standards of the OECD Guidelines and its recommendations on Due Diligence for Responsible Business Conduct.

The opening of the virtual event, organized together with the National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy, was in charge of the Executive Director of PROINVERSIÓN, Rafael Ugaz, who pointed out that, in order to preserve and consolidate a favorable environment for investments in Peru, it is necessary to bear in mind the need to develop complementary initiatives, both from the State and the business sector.
Likewise, he mentioned the importance of the role of private investment during the last years, as well as the important business participation in the promotion processes of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects in charge of PROINVERSIÓN, so this agency will continue to attract responsible investments contributing to sustainable development.

In turn, the Director of Investor Services of PROINVERSIÓN, Alejandro Prieto, emphasized that the agency disseminates the OECD Guidelines as part of the commitments assumed by Peru since 2008, when it adhered to the OECD Declaration on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises. As part of this adhesion, he added, PROINVERSIÓN was designated as a National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines since 2009.

The PROINVERSIÓN official also stated that the tools recommended by the OECD to promote responsible business conduct, such as the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Due Diligence for Responsible Business Conduct, are very useful in the responsible business conduct, considering that it is likely they enable trust between companies and locations where they do business, increasing the contribution of companies to sustainable development.

The event also included a session focused on the discussion of four cases of good due diligence practices in mining companies, presented by Goldfields’ Technical Manager for Sustainable Development in the Americas Region, Giovanni Rossinelli; Cerro Verde’s Legal Manager and Compliance Officer, Patricia Quiroz; Minsur’s Corporate Legal Manager, Emilio Alfageme, and Anglo American’s Human Rights and Voluntary Principles Coordinator, Jenny Vento.

The closing was in charge of the President of the Mining Sector of the SNMPE and member of the Human Rights Committee, José Palma García-Zapatero, who emphasized the valuable contributions made during the discussion of the four cases of good practices for Due Diligence presented by the speakers of the respective mining companies. These experiences agree on stating that Due Diligence can be a useful tool for good business management.

It should be noted that this workshop was organized to promote the OECD Guidelines and Due Diligence for Responsible Business Conduct, which adds to several activities carried out by PROINVERSIÓN, such as the OECD National Contact Point during 2020. The following activities stand out:
  • Participation in the international virtual presentation of the OECD study on Responsible Business Conduct Policies in Peru, held in June 2020.
  • Participation in several virtual meetings held during 2020 by the OECD Group on Responsible Business Conduct and the OECD International Network of National Contact Points.
  • Participation in the activities organized during 2020, regarding the OECD National Contact Points in Latin American countries (LAC) and the Regional Program on Responsible Business Conduct for Latin American Countries - CERALC.
  • Presentation on the progress of PROINVERSIÓN as OECD NCP and connection with the OECD Investment Committee as part of Peru’s actions aimed at future access as an OECD member country. This participation took place online on October 15, 2020, at the Centre for Social Research and Publications (CESIP) of the Congress of the Republic - Special Commission for Monitoring Peruvian Access to the OECD.
Currently, the OECD is made up of 37 member countries, which include the world’s largest and most developed economies. In addition, there is a select group of 12 emerging countries, among which Peru stands out, as observers.