Lima, December 10, 2020.- PROINVERSIÓN awarded to the company INTERCONEX-IÓN ELÉCTRICA S.A. E.S.P. the concessions of two (2) electrical projects that will guarantee the electricity supply to the populations of Chincha and Nazca, in the de-partment of Ica, through the participation of the private sector, through the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) self-financed modality.

These are the projects "220/60 kV Chincha Nueva Substation" and "220/60 kV Nazca Nueva Substation", which together require an investment, according to the bid of the successful bidder, of USD 18.3 million (without VAT).

The concessions are awarded to a single winner under the modality of Comprehensive Projects Bid, that is, the concessionaire company that will form the bid winner will be in charge of the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the pro-jects.

The company INTERCONEXIÓN ELÉCTRICA S.A. E.S.P. was the bid winner by bid-ding a total investment amount, for the two substations, of USD 18,339,108.00 and a total annual operation and maintenance cost of USD 678,548.00. The investment amount offered is 52% lower compared to the maximum values established in the pre-sent tender (USD 38 million).

INTERCONEXIÓN ELÉCTRICA S.A. ESP is the parent company of ISA, a Colombian and multi-Latin business group, with more than 53 years of vast experience in Electric Power, Highways, and Telecommunications and ITC businesses, providing quality of life to millions of people in Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina and Central America.

The Chincha Nueva Substation and Nazca Nueva Substation process was highly com-petitive as six (6) qualified bidders submitted their bids. It should be noted that all the bidders who submitted bids in the contest are transmission line operators with recog-nized experience.


The "220/60 kV Chincha Nueva Substation" project will allow to timely meet the growth in demand for electricity and the operational needs of the electricity system in the prov-ince of Chincha, especially in the districts of Chincha, El Carmen, Pueblo Nuevo, Pedregal and Tambo de Mora.

Likewise, the project "220/60 kV New Nazca Substation" will improve the quality of the power supply in the Electrical Systems of Nazca-Palpa-Puquio, Palpa Rural, Puquio Rural, Cora Cora and Nazca Rural.

Thanks to both projects, it will be possible to decongest the operation of the current fa-cilities, which will allow attracting new investments and industrial ventures; that is, more work and progress for the benefit of Chincha and Nazca.

The term of each concession will be 30 years, plus the construction period, estimated at 30 months for each project. The calculation of each contract will start from the signing date, scheduled for March 2021. The Commercial Commissioning of both projects is scheduled for August 2023.

This award is the result of an intensive and coordinated work between PROINVER-SIÓN, the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Osinergmin.

"At PROINVERSIÓN we are working so that all our processes are conducted with transparency and professionalism, in line with our objective of technically leading the processes for promoting private investment, with special emphasis on the structuring and transaction of projects, for the benefit of Peruvians,” said the Executive Director of PROINVERSIÓN, Rafael Ugaz.