The Minister of Economy and Finance, Waldo Mendoza, stated that, despite the measures ordered by the Government to reduce the high numbers of contagion during the second wave of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the Peruvian gross domestic product (GDP) will grow approximately 10% this year.

“We continue expecting to grow 10% this year. Obviously, there will be a small decline in February, but our priority is health, and all these preventive measures are oriented towards such priority. The strength of the Peruvian economy is not in dispute,” he stated at a press conference held at the Government Palace.

As a Cabinet, we have considered that to protect our health it is necessary to make an economic sacrifice, he emphasized.

In addition, he commented that the implemented measures respect the tax responsibility of the Government so that the next government administration takes over a healthy economy.

“We expect its impact to be low, but the strength of the Peruvian economy ensures that the economic recovery will be as solid as it has already been observed”, he stated.

Effect of the Vaccine
The representative of the MEF assured that the vaccine is the only element that will overcome the dichotomy between health and economy. “With the vaccine not only will health improve, but also the economy. Our Government is focused on it, and we are sure that, when there is a concrete answer, President Sagasti will report it”, said Mendoza.

In addition, he commented that the current administration is working responsibly under different scenarios, from the most moderate to the most pessimistic, with actions and measures to be applied in each of them, so “the population may keep calm.”

“There are many measures that may be taken to reactive economy and improve the health of the Peruvian population. The vaccine is a very important fact and, under the leadership of the Minister of Health, Pilar Mazzetti, the impossible is being done to be achieved,” he stated.