January 24, 2022. Lima, Peru .- PROINVERSIÓN informs that the public tenders for the concession of the EsSalud Hospitals of Piura and Chimbote (Ancash) have been attracting significant interest from potential bidders with vast experience in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of health services in Europe, America, and Asia.

To date, 18 companies (hereinafter, "the stakeholders") have paid their participation fee for the tender of the EsSalud Hospital of Chimbote (Ancash) and 19 for the tender of the EsSalud Hospital of Piura. Due to this high interest, more than 1,000 comments have been received so far for both tenders. Said comments are being evaluated and will be incorporated into the new version of the concession contract, if applicable.

Likewise, several of the interested companies have requested the modification of the schedule, in order to have enough time to evaluate the respective documentation; as well as to formulate queries and/or suggestions about a new version of the Bidding Documents. 

In response to these market requests and safeguarding the interests of the insured people, PROINVERSIÓN has decided to modify the schedule to include a second round of queries to the bidding documents and suggestions for the Contract. This modification will also increase the number of stakeholders by guaranteeing a greater competition and generating more and better technical and economic proposals for the benefit of the insured people and the country.

Both hospital projects, which are part of the new portfolio of social infrastructure projects promoted by PROINVERSIÓN, will imply an estimated investment of S/ 998 million, with the awards being planned for the fourth quarter of 2022.


The project "Creation of specialized health services of the Specialized Hospital of Chimbote in the Ancash Assistance Network of EsSalud, district of Nuevo Chimbote, province of Santa, department of Ancash" includes the design, financing, construction, equipment, operation and maintenance of a specialized hospital, and an increasing complexity polyclinic. Additionally, a temporary hospital will be built to guarantee the continuity of the provision of services during the construction of the definitive infrastructures.

Regarding the project "Creation of the specialized health services of the Specialized Hospital in the Piura Assistance Network of EsSalud, district of Veintiséis de Octubre, province of Piura, department of Piura", it considers the design, financing, construction, equipment, operation, and maintenance of a specialized hospital.

Both projects will increase the access to specialized services offered to the insured people and also include the acquisition and replacement of equipment, the maintenance of the hospital infrastructure, as well as the provision of general services and support services in the gray and green coat modality. None of them consider the provision of medical services, since they will continue to be under the responsibility of the State, through ESSALUD.

The cost of both projects will be covered with the contributions of the insured people by directly benefiting more than 530 thousand insured people in the department of Ancash, and more than 1 million 100 thousand insured people in the departments of Piura and Tumbes who will continue to receive free assistance.
Finally, these projects will generate new direct and indirect jobs, regarding care and non-care personnel work positions in the Hospital of Chimbote (796) and in the Hospital of Piura (1,234).

For more information of both projects, please visit: EsSalud

Source: Press Release - PROINVERSION