The Private Investment Promotion Agency - PROINVERSIÓN and the World Association of PPP Units and Professionals (WAPPP) are pleased to announce that PROINVERSIÓN has become a member of the WAPPP.

WAPPP is a global non-profit association, based in Geneva, which brings together private and public stakeholders in the field of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), including institutions such as PPP Units from countries around the world, corporate investors, financial investors and technical advisers from all infrastructure sectors.

More than just a contracting tool, the WAPPP considers that PPPs are a tool to generate development in countries and achieve the United Nations sustainable development goals. WAPPP promotes the development of best practices and the knowledge and experience sharing among its members.

The PROINVERSIÓN’s Executive Director, Rafael Ugaz, stated the following: “for PROINVERSIÓN, being a WAPPP member is key in our mission to interact with the international community participating in the development and promotion of PPP projects through efficient channels. We have high expectations about the joint actions that we may conduct, and we are sure these will help us share experiences with other PPP Units to a large extent and to promote our PPP project portfolio among potential investors”.

In turn, the WAPPP President, Ziad Alexandre Hayek, said: “We are pleased to welcome and incorporate Peru PPP Unit - PROINVERSIÓN as one of our members, and we look forward to working with their dynamic team, under the leadership of Rafael Ugaz to the benefit of the community of PPP professionals in Peru and throughout the region.”

PROINVERSIÓN is a public governmental institution responsible for promoting private investment through Public-Private Partnerships, Projects in Assets and Works for Taxes, for their incorporation into public services, public infrastructure, in assets, projects and State companies; as well as promoting Peru as an attractive investment destination, among the international investment community.